studio3.jpg"Ars Sonora" (lat. "art of sound") recording studio and CD plant started operation in 2007. The owner and founder of the company is Jakub Garbacz - musician and sound engineer based in Łódź. Company's general fields of endavour are  specialized services focused on recording classical music in broad terms, and complex CD publishing. Additionaly the company produces audio-video recordings, and creates internet websites and advertising materials for musicians.

Our studio has a narrow specialization - we do things, we truly know how to do, in this case - classical music. We are convinced, that company which "does everything", doesn't do anything in reality. The recording and mixing techniques used for classical recordings are different from those utilized in light music recordings. Because it requires different devices, microphone techniques and tools for edition and mastering. Above all it demands that the sound engineer has good musical preparation and skills: trained hearing, knowledge of harmony, instrumentation, orientation in music literature, and fluent reading of notes and scores. Because of this it is best, if people dealing with sound production of classical music are trained and active musicians. This is what varies our company from the rest: the entire team is comprised of musicans engaged in artistic activity. Knowledge and experience in music performance is why, during recordings, our roles are not restricted to passive recording equipment operators, but we assist the artist in creation of the musical work. Being aware that just the recording itself can be a stressful and exhaustive experience for the artist, we try to introduce a friendly and creative atmosphere. We treat any remarks and interpretation tips made on our part only as suggestions for artists, not as explicit obligation which decides, whether or not the recording will be successful. Final way of interpretation and performance of the music piece are priviledges of the artist.

We have a small, acoustically adapted, air-conditioned and perfectly equipped studio in the very center of Łódź - here we record rather small bands, e.g. trios, quartets, etc. Also it is here where we carry out all editing and mastering works. Most of the recordings however are done in a mobile fashion: in concert halls, philharmonics, churches or in spacious museum halls across the entire country, and also abroad. We produce both stereo and multichannel recordings (e.g. 5.1 system). In cooperation with a video studio we also record musical films with soundtrack of the highest quality for later publishing in form of a DVD or Internet podcast.

An important part of company activity is our own CD plant. We perform complex production - from recording to a CD, including ZAIKS fees.

We offer you our longterm experience. We are trusted by many musicians already, who made recordings and published their CDs with us. We carried out over 100 big recording sessions - much of them were placed on discs of the leading CD plants, such as Acte Prealable and Dux. Our recordings were played in the Polish Radio and TVP. "Ars Sonora" performed recordings for the loyalty project of Jan Bokszczanin, devoted to music of Krzysztof Komeda. In addition to the organist Jan Bokszczanin key artists of polish jazz scene also took part in this event: Grażyna Auguścik, Tomasz Szukalski, Ryszard Borowski, Robert Majewski and Paweł Gusnar, and the CD was rewarded with many enthusiastic press reviews, in which notes were made of the high recording quality.  We published over 50 CDs and we are constantly adding new ones to our publishing catalog. We are very pleased with the fact, that after successful recordings many musicians came back to us to record their new phonographic projects.

We invite you to spend some time reading this webiste and to familiarize yourself with our offer, where we will cover our serivces in detail.