mobilne.jpgRecording in a small, soundproof studio are a perfect solution for jazz and pop music, and for small bands performing certain genres of classical music. However classical music performed by a larger instrument or vocal band, and especially choral music, requires a big space with perfect natural acoustics. Of course with today's technology elements such as taki space or reverb can be reconstructed during edition, but recording made this way will always be an artificial creation, and in case of classical music authenticity of sound is very important. Because of this most of classical music recordings takes place in concert halls, museum halls or church interiors appointed by the artists - this allows for registering original acoustics. It should also be emphasized, that large number of classical and religious music recordings are registered "live" from concerts, which - as usual - are performed in spacious interiors specifically designed for this puprose, and not in a confined studio with nulled-out acoustics.

With this in mind, we offer realization of all sorts of recordings in locations appointed by the customer, as travelling recording sessions. Offer is made towards musicians, orchestras, choirs, stowarzyszeń, CD publishing plants, radio and TV stations, philharmonics and other cultural institutions. We utilize top-quality gear, which allows to record all kinds of bands - from soloists, through chamber ensembles, choirs, to a symphonic orchestra. Our equipment can be transported, then assembled and configured to work anywhere within an hour.
We offer the following field realizations:

  • recording sessions with material for later copying, e.g. to facilitate CD production
  • recordings for radio and TV use
  • recordings of promotional materials for musicians (demo)
  • recordings for participants of music contests
  • recordings for Ph.D. and habilitation programs
  • soundtrack realization for DVD recordings
  • live recordings from concerts and music contests
  • digital registration of conferences, symposia and academic sessions

We record organ, choral, instrumental, vocal, chamber, symphonic music, oratorios and cantatas. Each record is registered on two data carriers which are totally independent from each other. In the rare event one carrier fails we have a complete safety data backup on the other one. Registered material is copied onto a computer hard drive in our studio and with this machine the entire later edition of sound is carried out.

We also collaborate with a video studio, which makes it possible for us to record video material in HDTV resolution with a hi-fi soundtrack.

In spite of having mobile monitoring gear at our disposal, we suggest, that further edition of recorded material be performed in our studio in Łódź. This is encouraged because of the vast amount of time it takes to complete the process, which requires properly equipped and prepared room, and many additional devices. With their use sound is linear up to the highest possible degree, which lets us avoid falsified acoustics occuring as a consequence of room imperfections.

Our company has it's base of operations in Łódź, however our activity takes place in the entire country, we also record abroad. In case of multiday sessions accomodation and alimientaion is organized by the customer.

We also offer help in finding the right place for recording. We are in regular collaboration with the Łódź Philharmonic, Polish Radio Łódź, Salesian Music Lyceum, General Education Henryk Wieniawski School of Music in Łódź, Local Government School of Music in Skierniewice, and many churches in Łódź and it's general surroundings, with very special acoustics. Operatives and Institutions which wish to cooperate with us when recording their material, can also make use of our complex CD production offer. We invite you to contact us and to use our offer!