monety.jpgPrice for services is frequently a deciding factor when choosing an offer made by a company - that is why we will look at this particular problem in more detail. It is not uncommon to hear a request like this: "it is supposed to be made fast, well and cheaply". We definitely put quality in the first place, but then it is not always possible to do things quickly and cheaply. Professional approach to work requires us to: constantly increase our qualifications, constantly enhance our equipment, and update computer software we are working with. In addition to this we bear running costs of the company: insurrances, taxes, company car, and - among others - the costs of running this website. Because of this price for our services has to be calculated at a competitive level, but also ensure continued development of the company at the same time, and earn a living for it's employees. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact, that our we compete (pricing) with companies offering specialized services on a similar, professional level. By entrusting your recordings and CD publishment to us, you obtain a guarantee the work will be handled by people with both musical and technical training, years of professional experience and using highest quality equipment.

Depending on type of service, prices are the following:

1. Few-day and one-day field recording sessions

Because the studio specializes in classical music recordings, most of our works is being done out in the field - we record in churches, concert halls and museums across the entire country and also beyond it's borders. Then there are many variable factors, which significantly affect the pricing. Because of this every such recording project is priced individually. People interested in such recording are asked to send us an e-mail with the description of task, with specific consideration of the following elements:

  • recording location
  • estimated recording time
  • material characteristics (composer, title)
  • band

In case of multi-day sessions the customer provides our team (usually two people) with accomodation and if possible alimentation. If the customer is unable to provide them, then costs of hotel accomodation are added to the final price.

Please read the VADEMECUM - there you will find many information about efficient work organization during recordings.

2. Recordings, editing, montage and mastering works in the studio in Łódź

  • price per first hour for recording with an engineer: 140 PLN
  • price per hour for recording with an engineer: 70 PLN
  • price per hour for editing, montage and mastering works: 50 PLN

3. Complex CD publishment

In this case the price range is enormous and depends on many factors. That is why pricing is made individually only, after the customer sends the follwing guidelines:

  • edition size
  • repertoir and percentage of copyrighted material
  • box type (jewel box, super jewel box, digi-pack, envelope, book album)
  • requirements for graphic projects
  • type and size of polygraphy (covers, booklets, inlay etc.)
  • additional elements: barcode, refinements, above-standard elements

4. Other services

Offers for the remaining services from "Ars Sonora" (video recordings, films on YouTube, building websites and production of advertising materials) are prepared individually after e-mail or telephone contact.

As per today the company is not a VAT tax payer. The prices given are prices "to pay" and do not contain any additional costs (taxes, etc.)

Accounting documents are issued for the services sold (bill, receipt).